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How I got fat
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2021-02-19 00:53:51 (UTC)

Fatness and how

I wasn't always fat.
I used to be normal but that was when I was a kid.
When my aunt died we took her daughter in as our own.
She was 14 and twice my age. She was chubby but not fat.
I dont think that she got teased much in school but her extra pounds didnt put her on anyone's most popular list.
She was mean and I didn't understand how hurt she was or how damaged.
All I knew was that she was short tempered and selfish and seemed angry all the time.
I had gold fish and they disappeared. I know it was her and when I went to tell mom she just told me to be nice because her life was very rough now. So, I didn't mention anything to her.
Then some of my favorite clothes got stains on them.
My allowance turned up missing.
I lost things like my homework and drawings.
I knew she was snooping in my stuff so i drew a picture of her and labeled it "FAT AMANDA".
and left my notebook where I knew she would find it.... Under my bed in a box. SNOOOP.

It was obvious when she found it because she got very mean AND she tore the page out.
She said mean things to me and it really hurt because up until then my life was happy with my mom and dad.
THEN, in comes a devil to my world.
My grades dropped.
I started having nightmares.
I couldn't sleep.
I wasn't hungry and got really thin, So thin that the school nurse called my mom and wanted her to take me to a doctor.
We were in the waiting room and i was anxious and kind of whiny and she called me a name and I called her name and mom wasnt paying attention because she was filling out papers and answering questions.
It all came to a head when I told her that maybe she would be happier if she weren't so fat.
she got really quiet and leaned over me and put her face right in mine and told me to take it back and like a brat I taunted her.
Called her names and fat and heaped all the meanness she had thrown at me back on her.
She told mom and I acted innocent and mom, worried about me, brushed it all off as whiney kids.
On the way home she tried to explain that she wasn't fat but was depressed because she was alone.
I dug in.
After that I decided to be just as mean as she was.

When anyone was was around I would mouth words like, fatso and blob and pig or cow.
Sometime I would snort or moo or pretend to waddle with my arms mimicking a big belly.
I was just awful to her and it put her on the defensive and she was less mean I think.
I went too far at a family reunion and put some food on a chair right as she sat down. I think it was jelly. It doesn't matter now.
Of course she didn't know and walked around with a purple stain on her butt cheek.
I pointed and laughed and the other people around laughed at her.
Somebody took her inside and got her some clean pants
and that was the day it all started.
I went to far.
We had to live together in the same house and now we were enemies. Hated each other.
One day when we were home alone she said she was going to make me pay.
I laughed and told her that mom would know if she hit me.
Words that couldn't be taken back were exchanged.... ha... yelled.... screamed.
We didn't speak for a long time after that, Not unless we had to keep up the front for mom.
at least a month after the reunion she asked if we could start over.
and that's when the truoble began.