Random Thoughts
2021-02-18 22:32:07 (UTC)

Some desires

If i and you become "we" ever, i will let you know , how much i love you & how much i miss you everyday. Sometimes i think, do you miss me the way i miss you? Every second of my life , in every work , in every memory, in every present I miss you. Even in future , I miss you. I haven't seen future, I know you will be there but in which way I don't know. He became the part of my life. I just don't know, what will i do without him. I agree, there are thousands of things to do but "without your presence" I can't even imagine. I want to take care of you & your everything. I want, when I wake up , you stay beside me. You are the first thing i want to see after opening my eyes. Hope this dreams come true oneday