If I die today
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2021-02-18 07:15:19 (UTC)

fearfully stealing the future

I'm nuetralized not much to say if I should die today it'd be like oh well the world is evil. I wouldnt even have a cause off hand. Im still grinding my teeth that hurts and sucks. Trying to overcome. This morning I watched the fullerton informer and living on a dime and I also watched an old joseph prince thing even thou I dont approve of JP its been on my mind to watch so I did. Things on my mind are that it takes courage to live. How cowardly I am to not be bold and resist and submit and knowingly make choices that support the wickness of thsi world. There is a real enemy and here I am hiding. Thinking thou about life and redeeming the time one thing in the living on a dime video Mike mentioned he had been stealing from himself with the choices he made in college that he was stealing from future him. It occurs to me many choices are robbing me just robbing myself of future things. Maybe physical or spiritual. Just thou thinking how fearful I am thou and to fearful to be bold. Think about what GOD thinks of cowards... I'm a coward if I wastn I'd be having a lot more conversations instead of ending them. I'd probally have a lot more resources too instead of hoarding or wasting them. It takes courage to redeem the time and to be profitable in some ways. Im not sure where this is all going but thats my regrets today is that I've made choices to steal from myself and my future and I've failed to redeem the time. I also am very concerned at how cowardly I am and why. Not too much plans for the day. Just the usual and basics nothing too exciting but I should figure something out to be useful and be alive.

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