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2021-02-18 12:15:02 (UTC)

Not very happy about my routine

I have mixed feelings this morning. I am happy i was able to start reading for my certification exam (so I did wake up in the middle of the night to read and then went back to sleep). I was slightly unhappy as well as I had one eye on the tennis and Serena Williams was losing. I felt for her. I woke up with a slight headache so i wasn't able to go do my exercise which was disappointing. I have to find a way to manage reading at night and doing my exercise in the morning before my day starts. That is the challenge.

Linda is coming back soon...our messages have been really good, caring and full of amorous chats. This is how I plan we go forward. Any conflict we have is a distraction and an impediment to our joint machine and system we are building. We have a lot we can share and achieve together. No room for arguments or negativities and when they inevitably happen we both have the desire to quench and resolve it quickly. We have our quarterly review on Saturday. Lets see how that goes.

My finance is still not at the place I need it to be. I am hoping in March with the bonus I get from work i can clear some hangovers and set myself up to a better financial state and status.