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2021-02-18 02:47:31 (UTC)

More breadcrumbs 🙄

So Rachael started it up again today. Not quite committing to anything but throwing me bread crumbs sorta kinda hinting she likes me. Not sure what she's reading about regarding men but nope, not gonna work for me. I had the master of mind games (ex wife) so she's a rookie compared to my ex. Actually, I don't want to play anymore and it was.....boring. Sheez, never thought I'd say something as mean as that but it was. Didn't feel like the effort was worth it. So I just stopped replying.

I'm back at the 5:30PM gym classes again and it was nice to see the usual gang. Got a couple new people. One cute little asian lady and one taller white lady. Both are cute as hell. Don't know why they're at the gym. Both of them are already slim and can't or shouldn't be losing anymore weight. But new blood especially when they're cute is always a welcome site to me. So I guess I'll be back to 5:30 classes again. 😈

I've been eating right this past few weeks so I did lose some weight. Someone said my belly was more trim. hehe. Back to broccoli but I actually like broccoli so it's all good. Proper protein too so I won't be making those yummy baby back ribs for awhile. Tonight's dinner was salmon, broccoli, and cauliflower rice.

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