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me and my life
2021-02-18 06:35:55 (UTC)

the feeling where you dont know what your feeling is

Right now am doing what i feel right and mostly what i feel will make me happy. Monku tried to shoo me but i really dont feel insulted or anger, yes i do feel sad but thats ok atleast he is talking to me. Meri usko miss karne ki koi hadd nai. din bhar i just think about us and the time we spent. but i feel relax that he is in touch with me. I don't know how mom and sis will feel about this bu for now am not telling them. i have to win monku's heart first. i know somewhere he is also liking my msgs. i am waiting for the day when we both will sit together close to each other and ill talk him everything and hear him. my this thinking maybe stupid but this is what I want now.
all of sudden i realise that the issues we had for our wedding is not there, dad is no more, naisha is growing and corona is also getting in control, i dont know what am dreaming will come true but ill try my best. is relation ka end dono k galti se hua but i still say it was more of monku's fault. god please do some magic and let everything be fine and happy. ill be more happy to be with monku than to be with some NRI which my sis is looking for me. am just afraid monku bomb na fode that am seeing someone omg mere pairo tale jamin nikal jayegi. ill try my best to not bother him but win his heart. if he is still adamant then ill leave i would not want to bother him. he is not that heartless, but possibility hai coz he had always disappointed me. omg m in such a puddle and pickle.
also am trying to get job in Pune. well nothing has ever worked as per my wish in my life but lets see.... for now am also so worried abt mom yaar.. god pls usko thik kardo.