La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2021-02-18 01:16:54 (UTC)


Today has been quite the day... the last few nights I hardly could sleep at all my doughter has had a fever and a bad cough so it kept me up, finaly today I was able to take her to the Dr. and took advantage to go myself since is been a couple of days I been feeling off, achy, headaches, runny nose, body ache etc. So he checked my oxigen and was a little suspicious about my stage. He said their might be a possibility it might be covit- so I need to monitor my oxigen throughout the day and see him tonight. I am praying is not covit, but to be honest I belive it is, just because of the way I am feeling. I've never felt this way before , my body feels difrent and very off. Am calm but a little anxious as well. Running test on Monday and will go from there.