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Las Tortugas y Yo
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2021-02-18 01:07:30 (UTC)

Feb-12th another loved one lost by covit.

Febuary 12th six in the morning I wake up earlier than usual, feeling rested but ready to go back to bed because is a little to cold to stay up. I then check my phone that I had silence the night before, I read a few messages an then I read the one telling me that our dearest friend who had been fighting covit for the last 20 days or so pass away from heart failure... I began to cry then I had to let my husband know that his best friend pass away. Heart breaking truly, the night before I spoke to his wife who is also my dear friend and finaly she gave us a little hope that he was smiling and recovering well. So in my head am trying to understand what hapend while sobbing while I hug my husband who is still in shock.
It's funny how all our lives we know death is part of life yet we never seem to be prepared to loose a loved one. So that was my V-day weekend morning the loss of a dear friend. I will cherish his lovely laughter and great sense of humor, the love he had for my husband and all the wonderfull stories all of us couples shared at his place, our place and so many other places.He had some what a premature death, his children are still very young and it breaks my heart they'll never remember just how great of a father their dad was. Rest in peace my dearest friend.

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