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2027-06-18 22:11:00 (UTC)

Best Luly Pico Moments:

Season 1:
Big Brother Season 1:
Season 2:
No Audience:
Big Brother Season 2:
Season 3:
May 3, 2021:
Clip: Luly talks about her 20th birthday in Big Brother House:
May 6, 2021:
June 3, 2021: Friends Thurs: Segment for the MLB Winning and Losing Team.
Clip: Luly teases about the Padres loss:
Evan F: Alright what about you Luly, what's your win wish on Tuesday?
Luly P: So we won for the Tuesday's game, and then my other teammates are teasing for the baseball game against the Padres, and I gave them for the check mark, and suddenly Nadine didn't stop laughing about the loss.
Nadine S: Wait what? I was sleeping in the Cubs Baseball Bus, and then me and Cynthia are talking about the Monday's Plan Game Decision, and Tony game me a credit.
Luly P: Ah Okay, Sorry Nadine.
Nadine S: That's okay. (laughs)
Nadia B: Okay, what was the score for Tuesday's Game?
Luly P: 4-3. So, the Padres are loss for the baseball.
Nadia B: True.
Tony R: Luly, Luly?
Luly P: (To Tony R) Yeah?
Tony R: Who won?
Luly: (To Tony R) I didn't ask!
(Audience laughter)
Clip: Luly loss her punishment:
June 4, 2021:
June 18, 2021:
Clip: Luly's Birthday Message to Alexa:

August 5, 2021:
May 19, 2022:
May 19, 2023:
June 8, 2023:
Clip: Luly just dropped the last candy on the funishment:
Big Brother Season 3:
Season 4:
Big Brother Season 4:

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