Experienced Life
2021-02-17 08:31:47 (UTC)

The early birds 😴

You know how there are people that get up at the butt crack of dawn? People that start early and get their stuff done early? Yeah... well I'm not that guy. I'm like the 2nd shift of early birds. Early when I need to but not really kinda early bird. Today is no exception. Making coffee today was funny. I boiled my water as normal. Cleaned out my french press. When the kettle was whistling, I poured the hot water into my french press. Easy peasy right? Nope, forgot to grind my coffee beans and cinnamon. Water filled and only when I could see the water was clear, that's when it hit me. Doh!! Hmph. I'd pay $100 dollars for a pot of coffee right now. Good thing I have it at home. Work is gonna be a whole lotta fun today for sure. haha🥺

So I got a text from some lady that I didn't hear from in a long time. She used to go to the gym but stopped. She's a cutie too and she said once that she'd go wine tasting with me when she gets rid of her boyfriend. Well, she stopped going to the gym and to me, that qualifies and not breaking my "no pooping where I eat" rule. So I asked her out awhile back. Way way back. We didn't have each other's numbers yet but she was texting me on facebook. Anyway, she never responded to my date request. So I know that means Which was ok.

This morning, I get a little bread crumb from her telling me Hi. her name is Racheal by the way. Replied nicely and said hi back. She asked if I was going back to the gym? Strange she asked that because I've never stopped except of course when I had surgery and was out of commission for 3 months but I don't recall discussing having surgery with her. Maybe facebook? meh. Just seemed weird she texted me again and I'm no longer interested.

Today's agenda? Some work. Nothing too crazy. Still hoping I get my laptop back from the shop but I do have my other work laptop so I'm actually fine without it. Gym today is called Warrior Wednesday so more heavy lifting than cardio. Should be a nice day overall. Back is hurting a little. Always does when we do sit-ups or V ups the day before. Nothing a couple of ibuprofen and coffee can't remedy.

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