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2021-02-17 11:27:22 (UTC)

Who Am I

One, there is me,
and then there is the other.
We never meet ever,
though staying all together.

Sartre says, “the other is hell.”
but why the other is other?

Who am I?
Would I meet me someday?
Am I other than me?
Would I see me someday?

Who is there inside me,
speaking on behalf.
is it me who says it all?
or my other half?

Where should I look for an answer?
Will I get it ever?
Even if I get it someday,
what if it’s the other?

Where shall I look for myself,
In the valley or the sky?
Would I ever get an answer,
of, who am I?

I have the shakes today, same as I had Saturday. I can’t stop shaking. I need to free my mind.