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2021-02-17 13:06:38 (UTC)


I am struggling to get my routine in place. I need to ensure i wake up early to read my bible and pray , do my exercises before i start my work. I also need to read my daily Spanish and word of the day. I will spend most of this year reading for a certification or another as I need to get myself ready for March 2023 where I have to make a decision on my career. I am struggling with finding time to read. I prefer to read at night time after some rest. It is all in the mind. I need to start now. I will also have some teaching to do (on Business Analysis and other related topics) so I also need to prepare for those as well 9this is additional income for me whenever this teaching opportunities arise).

Staying home alone will end in 2 weeks. I am looking forward to receiving Linda back at home as I have missed her but I also hope I have used this time to take a step back and make myself a better person. She bought me 2 books for valentines day on listening and how to make a relationship last (with love) I am reading these books. We also have our quarterly review this Saturday (remotely - sign of our times :)) to review what as gone well, what needs to improve and review our personal and joint goals and objectives.