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2021-02-17 11:22:35 (UTC)

Good morning again.

Once again, hello and good morning!
Yesterday evening, around 5PM, Mum and Mark had a sleep on the sofa, and I played Medal of Honor: Underground. I got through the second level, nearing to the end, when I accidentally commit suicide. I thought I was on the pistol selection; I was on the petrol bomb selection. Me not looking at what I was shooting (or throwing) meant I had to do the level all over again. I didn't because I raged quit.
While Mum and Mark were asleep, I snuck into my coffee mug some milk and a teabag. I made a little noise by accident with my coffee mug, and that sent Daisy barking. Like lightning, I went upstairs, and luckily they never found out that I did it. If they did, they have said nothing.
I came back down later on because Charlie phoned while they were asleep. I heard it from my room. I dashed downstairs to pick the phone up. She is getting her taste and smell back from COVID-19, and was doing some frankfurts for dinner for her and Lewis (her fiancé). She asked me how long Dad used to cook them in the oven for, as the packet didn't show how long to cook them in the oven for, when I was a lot younger. We are talking five/six years ago at minimum. We eventually got to an answer that she should cook them for eight minutes. I won't say how. Sorry.
After twenty minutes of talking she put the phone down, because her dinner was done, as she was doing them while talking to me. It was around this time that Mark woke up and told me to do my dinner.
For dinner last night, I had jacket potato and beans. I put some butter and sneaked on some philadelphia cheese-spread as well. I cooked the jacket potato for five minutes, then the rest for two. And could eat it straight away, somehow. Usually it would be lava hot (dramatically)!

My entry ends here.