taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2021-02-17 02:16:50 (UTC)

ah shit. here we go again

been slogging along for a few days now. 35% more slog than usual. feeling crushed. the emotions that rush to the fore when engaging with someone you can stand - and then they walk out - but the unearthed emotions don't just neatly tuck themselves back away. they loiter, and stir shit up on the day to day.

so i'm hopped up on emotion but, no where to put it.

and that's the story of why I'm considering spending 70 canadian dollars on a digital download of You're the Worst - the entire series (if u know u know). a viable enough place to direct this emotional bloat surely. mental sweatpants and giant knit blanket.

expect gretchen and jimmy quotes.

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