2021-02-16 17:16:28 (UTC)


benner had quite a model.
some skills are harder to learn.
yet everyone should meet some criteria to consider their expertise.
gain credentials, gain respect. i don't understand it much though.
my leadership skills fell after high school. or maybe i perceive it to be that way.
one thing's for sure - even though i think i get tired of writing, i never do.
some place to record my thoughts as they're generated - what a wonderful concept.
an activity as old as time and yet highly underappreciated.
memories on a rolodex of abstract titles,
sharp and painful, light and bright memories,
once again tensing up the muscles in my neck,
my body reacting before my mind.
can't help but think i need to break this loop that's kept me for so many years,
but maybe for another entry. my patience cannot waiver.
now more than ever, i am glad something can echo my thoughts.
my words continue to live while most things die.