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2021-02-16 14:16:00 (UTC)

Hello again, in the afternoon.

Hello again.

I put in my last entry 'morning' in German (which is 'morgen'), when it was actually the afternoon. Sorry, I didn't see the time, which sounds stupid enough.

Mum asked me to go down the shops for her, for bread, butter, and two chocolate bars for her and a chocolate bar for Mark. She also told me that I could get myself a sweet. I got myself 'MAOAM Pinballs'. They have been my favourite sweet as a child, and still are (one) of my favourite sweets!

I got an email from The Writing Practice earlier, as I signed up for their newsletters and to receive emails from them. I signed up using my school email. This particular one (which I actually got last night but didn't see it until earlier on today), asked me to take a writing assessment. It said that they were very honoured to have me see their emails, and that they would like me to do a small quiz (basically). Thankfully, it wasn't blocked on here, as the school I go to have restrictions on these laptops. This one is mine to keep, but someone from a different school, that my school cooperates with, did something stupid on the internet. Now all laptops that everyone has and keeps had got restrictions put onto them, and believe me, they restrict practically everything! Yes, that is sarcasm, to show how much is restricted.
Anyway, I took the quiz. It told me that I should focus on short stories right now, as I put that I only did 1-2 hours of writing a day. I do want to publish a novel someday; I have an idea that dad truly thinks will be a big hit. I won't explain it now.
Quick thing, though, I don't just want to be a writer and journalist. My biggest dream is to be an olympic runner (thats a big jump from interests, isn't it?). I seriously am good at running, and I want to become the fastest long-distance runner. I want to be faster than Mo Farah; break a world record!