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2021-02-16 12:13:43 (UTC)

Guten Morgen.

Hallo und guten morgen! Wie geht es dir?

I started writing a little bit of my German story today. I didn't d much, but I still did some.

Yesterday, I asked Mum if I could have a soup for breakfast tomorrow, as we had soup in a cup (which you add water to). She said 'no, because its soup. You might be able to have some toast tomorrow.' When Mark came in the room for bed, Mum told him. He said 'Fuck no, he can wait for the delivery like all of us.'
Also, Mum asked me to get a pin from the pin board for something just as I was falling asleep. 'F.F.S.' I said. Mum heard it, and told me not to say that. I got her a pin from the pin board and went back to bed, telling her to keep it in the room.
Next thing I knew, I was asleep on my bed. I had sleep paralysis when I woke up. Sleep paralysis is where you are awake, but the brain hasn't old your muscles to move yet. Meaning you are technically paralysed; you can't move. When my sleep paralysis goes, I always jerk either an arm or leg. Believe me, its uncomfortable; not pleasant.

Apart from that, there is not really much more to say. Mark has got up, and I might ask Mum in a minute if I can do myself a sandwich. I hope she says 'yes'...

My entry ends here.