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2021-02-16 10:52:34 (UTC)

I know I dreamed last night, ..

I know I dreamed last night, but weed makes it so I can't recall them. Maybe I don't have the kinds of dreams that I can recall, because I don't go into REM for long enough or something.

ADHD medication on top of that and what should've been more than enough benzos to put me to sleep last night, if the food poisoning wasn't... Yeah.

Universe is telling me to stop eating pork I guess lol

There was a night that I got dressed up then went to see James instead of going clubbing, and I feel like, used or something thinking about it. Like, every-fucking-thing got to be on his terms. Fucking middle-class white boys. (They said, as if they're not also, FAIAP, of a white middle-class upbringing. Just one that didn't have university.)