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2021-02-15 20:55:40 (UTC)

The Beauty of Reason

You know when you're not looking for someone or something, neither a feeling nor thoughts of any specific need and blissfully you're going about your journey just gliding life. When you talk to people just because you want to talk and you do so with an unfiltered approach, not trying to impress, neither judge but just talking and enjoying the flow it takes you to, openly with no expectations because your not looking for anything or needing anything from anyone? It's a nice place to be in, calming and interesting. You pay more attention to the detail behind the meanings of people's words because you're not emotionally attached to an idea of any outcome.

Then unexpectedly someone becomes noticeable and you think to yourself, "Hmm?" and because your not looking for anything, you take more notice of the things they're saying and their approach. You hear the tones in their laughter more acutely, their witty remarks, their nuances, yet make no conclusions because you're not searching for anything and yet it baffles you slightly because you begin to wonder, why are they making this much effort? You don't make assumptions, because you're not looking for answers and yet, the things they say, their jovial demeanour, and actions they take to please you grabs your attention.

Before you're aware, reality has already played its part in the connection of two people who once were strangers. You find yourself, engaging with more heart. You smile more and for longer, your laughter that once was timid and emotionally unengaged becomes louder, freer, and more adventurous and as it does, so does the tingling inside of you. So small and hardly noticeable at first but you feel it and it slow dances with a growing surge of, "Who is this person?".

I've always believed in the nature of reason, as the world turns so does time. Something we create in our minds, that is a blessing in the most intimate of moments, a treasure too when we reminisce of memories past. Although, it is also the wagon that carries our egos. Detrimental to our mental wellbeing if we place too much emphasis on time. Either way, the natural course of life is flow and cycle and if you try to push, it gives you no leniency, only anxiety. I learned a long time ago when to ride the winds and when to take shelter. I've been sheltering, encapsulating the calm and the warmth of safety. There is so much beauty in both, rewarding and fulfilling, and yet, while I listened and took shelter my expectations drifted and I just was.....even then, in being still the beauty of reason found me.