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2021-02-15 11:11:29 (UTC)

Busy day🏃🏻‍♂️

I have a day off today. Decided to fill it with as many appts as possible. So I went to an early gym session. I never ever will get used to working out in the mornings but I needed to get stuff done and I didn't work out in the last couple of days. Got that done. Got to see the morning crew so that was cool I guess. Need a hair cut and drop off my laptop to get fixed. Gonna cost me some bucks! And this is just to get my "e" key to work again.

However, while I was dealing with this stupid key, I ordered a new wireless mouse and keyboard. I gotta say that they have some fancy -smancy stuff going on now. For one thing, I can just use one wireless USB from the keyboard and plug it into my laptop as usual. However, the wireless mouse can piggyback on the same usb wireless connector. That was pretty cool. Also, I work with two laptops side by side because of my work. Both laptops have an extra monitor attached to it so I can spread out my app on different monitors. Well, there is an app that can make the mouse and the keyboard work on both laptops simultaneously!!! Mind blown.

So I set up my mouse and test it out. I scroll from my laptop on the left coming from the extra monitor scrolling to the laptop screen. No biggie. It can already do that. But then it jumps to my other laptop without any physical reconnects. It just keeps scrolling to the other laptop screen and it's extra monitor. Ok, it's cool but then I can also copy a file from one laptop, scroll to the other laptop and paste the file there!!!!! WTH!? Now that blew my mind away 😱
I can actually set up the wireless keyboard to do the same after I point my mouse to the other laptop but I don't have the compatible keyboard for that. Still, this new mouse and the app it runs on is just so awesome. I'm having an IT-gasm. The extra cool things I can do now is just unreal.

Regarding the gym. There was one member that is not a millennial this time and we made eye contact. We smiled at each other from time-to-time but yeah... Getting in trouble already when this was my rare weekday morning gym appearance. We worked out indoor so we had to wear masks during our workout. She had a nice butt though. Well, got my 10 min break. Have to drop off my laptop now and then straight to my hair stylist lady.

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