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2021-02-15 15:58:24 (UTC)

My heart broke more

And like I assumed. It dint went that good. I spoke to him he was very casual or may be he pretended to be. I guess he did not pretend because even nilu told me that he is least bothered about me and when I had called him in Sept or Oct he was same least bothered and least interested in knowing things about me.
He spoke very casual, I asked me don't you miss him and he said that what's the use of missing, what was to happen has happened and we cannot do anything about it but accept it. My heart broke in to zillion pieces. How?? How on an earth he can be so causal and how can he get over it within a year? He dint ask me about anything he didn't ask abt mom, dad's death, sis or Naisha. He spoke as if he spoke forcefully. And he said ok bye and we hung up. My heart still denies that he can do such thing with me. The time we spent in those 4 yrs are precious and can never be forgotten am sure no one can love me as he did. But he also gave up on me very easily, I know he had his own reasons but things could have been worked out.
I recorded our convo and heard it over and over. His words pinned my heart, his causality sliced my heart. Bloody I gave my soul and body to you how is it so easy for you. He has no love left in his heart for me? Or is he pretending? After his call, I ran to house giving my mom and sis excuse that I want to go for peeing. I ran home and I cried my lungs out. I cried like some one is dead. I cried coz I want my piece of heart back which he has...

If he says it's no use of missing and texting then why isn't he blocking me? Tomorrow I'll message him to block me.
Am afraid he will block me.
Am sure he lied when he said I dint receive you call and dint revert you because I was taking mom to hospital. For a good reason I think he is lying. Anyways... Let's see... I am terribly and noticeably sad and depresses that my ghar wale are asking me. Uffff