Do Not Disturb

2021-02-15 15:43:17 (UTC)

Relationship status : Pending....

So my bf broke up with me and right before Valentine's Day saying that he doesn't think he's ready for a relationship and that he needs to get himself together and he can't see me because he was originally mad at his parents because we were suppose to see each other and now all of a sudden he broke up with me on the same day.

But no worries another guy took me out yesterday to make up for that he told me he was coming Saturday but didn't and he said we can do anything I want. He brought along his friend that was driving. He's white. He was kinda cute but he got a whole girlfriend and a baby. But he said I to was even cute. His friend girlfriend kept flipping out thinking he was cheating when next time she should just come down here with all of us together so she could see herself. But that's their problem.

But I knew for a fact that he blocked me when I couldn't check his page or send him even a thumbs up to see if he actually blocked my page and I went onto my mother's phone and I'm able to search him up and look at his page. I believe he was talkin to someone else but wasn't gona admit it. You said you was oh so ready in the beginning but now you still don't know if your ready. Boy please. But you still asked me out and everything. I'm tired of this bullshit. I'm tired of giving my all into relationships. I saw Li with his girlfriend outside and they were running around and playing. So cute.. Ughhh!!! Not. Gross. He didn't even think twice about what he did. That's really sad when guys don't think about you at all.

And the guy that I'm talkin to he's 5'7. He short but not to short but he still took me out even if he didn't have a car. I think. Or, he was just to lazy to drive his. Even though he stood me up yesterday I wasn't gonna go honestly because he stood me up but I was just gonna make sure and see if, he was gonna show up this time and he eventually came and his friend tagged along.

Next time it will be just me and him. We went out to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings and we tried every wait list their is and plus it was Valentine's Day so it was packed where we went. It had just taken an 1 hour 1 1/2 or 2 just for 3 people to sit down and wait so Buffalo Wild Wings it was and it was good then after that we went bowling even though we only had to do one game because they were about to close. We should just go early next time and maybe the movies. It be fun to do a double date if his girlfriend won't trip.

But yea that's how my Valentine's Day went. Still had a good time with or without a man.

And that's on period.

- A