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2021-02-15 11:27:31 (UTC)

Home Alone

I now live with my partner Linda. Her kids have gone to school and she has travelled with the last boy to work remotely from a sunny location! I am home alone for a month. I think I needed the time to reflect on our relationship and determine if it is completely right for me and if it is, equip myself with the tools necessary to make the relationship work. This relationship - will not work by us just going through the daily grind. There are so many moving clogs that need to be attended to and to ensure we create a well oiled system that works and moves forward. I will need to learn a lot as we go ahead. I will also be looking to see if we can go for a few counselling sessions. I think she needs it more because I believe she is still carrying a lot of baggage from her previous relationships especially to do with Finance.

On another note, my oldest son finally moved to college in Illinois (USA) to begin his soccer scholarship education. The journey was not easy as we had so many obstacle mainly from his mum (my ex). We have been separated 7 years and divorced 5 years but for whatever reason she still holds a lot of bitterness so any way she can disrupt anything to do with me she will and she doesn't care if this is detrimental to our children. They are collateral damage to her continuous vendetta.

I have about 2 weeks left before Linda gets back so I hope to get into a rhythm of waking up, doing my exercise, reading my bible, praying, working from home and doing the best I can to be a supportive and loving partner. We also start the house extension in about 2 weeks as we are building a new kitchen so there will be a lot of disruption which will affect my studying as I will be preparing for a certification exam for end of march.