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2021-02-15 10:40:40 (UTC)

Hello, and good morning.

Good morning!

Yesterday was barely anything, and that is why I didn't make an entry yesterday. Still, I will try to write down as much infomationa about yesterday as I can.

Yesterday night, I took the wrong meds. Instead of taking my nighttime meds, I took my morning meds, by accident. Nothing happened to me, but it just meant Iwas awake most of the night. Actually, all of the night sounds better.
I tried keeping my eyes closed for six hours. Nothing happened, so I went onto and made some non-vocal music. I rarely do vocal-music, and I only do that around midday and when my parents aren't upstairs, as I don't want them to hear me singing. I wouldn't say I am bad, but I am not the best.

Would it be bad if I told you all that I made two erotic stories if I also told you am fifteen years old? I am just trying to experiment at what I am good at writing. I will say no more on that, apart from where I posted it, people do like them!

Me and Mark had a row yesterday, over one of the dumbest things ever. I swear, it was the stupidest thing to row over. Mark said that I am not to buy anymore CDs or DVDs until I have shelf or unit storage. Dad found one and showed to me via email. Mum saw it too, and she was concerned that if I saw room on there, I would go out and buy more CDs or DVDs to fill it up. That is not the case! Also, Mark said that I am not to buy anymore CDs or DVDs full-stop as my room isn't big enough, and that it is hoarding. That was when the row started, not because of not being able to buy more CDs or DVDs, but because he said that it was hoarding. I thought it was quite hypocritical that he said that, considering him and mum combined have a cupboard full of DVDs. He said I never watch TV, and that I don't like TV. No, that is also not the case. It's not like he watches what I do in my room all day, and he was making assumptions by saying that. I have to be in the mood for watching something to watch something. I am a do as I please person.
It ended because I eventually back down. Mark said that it was because I never win. B####, I thought I did quite well that time in the argument. It didn't get physical; I didn't scream or shout at him, although I mistakenly raised my voice (which I didn't mean to do, it just happened.) Of course Mum told Dad that I was shouting, hands flaring everywhere. F### that. They can think of whatever they want about me, but they'll never figure me out.
Before the entry ends (as nothing has gone on today yet), I just wanted to say that I backed down because I felt extremely embarrassed to be arguing about collecting, or specifically, being a hypocrite to what you say.

My entry ends here.