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2021-02-14 19:01:14 (UTC)

Back again

After all I'm back again.
Few thoughts are too overwhelming that you can't share with anyone & this is the only place I have .
Life was mess, is mess and going to be a mess. I have no issues with it.
I'm not able to study which I need to . Feeling distracted. Hoping for a better tomorrow but somewhere I'm distracted & may be depressed.
Unknowingly I fall in love with the most unexpected person & I have no idea it is one sided or two. Some feelings just comes so naturally , you can't just resist. It is genuinely tough. Kind of risky game. You just don't know which one to prioritise the friendship you have or the relationship you can have? Whatever , risking a friendship will be a great loss. This way life goes on.
Anyway, this will pass soon. Eventually oneday I will get every answers, whatever going to happen will happen, whether i want or not.
At the end of the day may be I'm digging my own grave. Or may be I'm focusing on end results which I shouldn't. this "may be" is too confusing. but i had no fault either. everything happened unintentionally.

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