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2021-02-14 10:17:02 (UTC)

Single on Valentine's Day and lost? ☹️

So for the guys and gals out there that are alone on Valentines, it can be a crappy day. No sugarcoating it. You may be thinking of your ex that broke up with you. Maybe you're even thinking of calling them in hopes they answer or reply to your text? Maybe even hoping they get back with you? Well, don't do that. You'll feel worse if they don't reply. Maybe you're thinking you wish you didn't break up with him/her and might try to call them back too? Well, don't do that also. Don't settle. Or like me? Not really missing anyone right now but I am kinda bummed out that I am alone. Not pining for anyone but it's you know...Valentines day isn't meant for people in my situation. I was even contemplating breaking my rule about not dating at the gym but just for a moment and no, I won't break that rule. Love the gym too much and I want to keep that sanctuary pure even though my mind isn't. hehe

I know I won't be doing any socializing today because no one will be asking to hang out. No wine tasting, no pot lucks, no party, no soup for me. hehe. That's because it's awkward to be asking me to join my friends as I'm not gonna be with anyone and I'm sure they don't want me to feel awkward being that 5th wheel around them.

But it's ok. Time like this should be experienced. If you're feeling down or missing someone, then that's ok too. I now think we should be feeling down and out today. Not because I enjoy the possible sadness, loneliness, or heartache. It's ok to feel what you may be feeling now because this will make the future better days even sweeter. Yup. Feeling like crap now will make future relationships all the sweeter. So be bummed out. Be sad. It's ok. When that upswing in life comes, it'll make it so much sweeter.

Besides, there are people right now that are in a relationship that can't stand being in it. Feeling trapped because this husband/wife or whatever has now become to live like roommates. Something is gone but because they are married, there is no redo. Stuck and feeling trapped because they still have kids to raise so not to upend the family, they stick it out and trudge on. So yeah, we don't want that now do we? Then by the time the kids are grown, 20 yrs have gone by and life is already taken a chunk out of you. Some are even in a situation where their man or woman is having an affair and feel even more lost than us single dudes and dudettes. I should know about affairs. It happened to me and that's why I created this diary to begin with.

So go ahead and feel sad. Feel a little lost. Feel being single sucks. Still feels better than getting kicked in the privates 😱. I won't go over a list of to-dos for self improvement. Don't want to get all technical right now. Just make this day count. Work out. Journal. Cook something yummy because one day, you won't be alone and you're going to be in a better place. Today's singleness will not last. When that day comes, you'll smile even more because of days like today.