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2021-02-14 03:47:00 (UTC)

old art journal writing (romantic maybe?)

I found some writing in an old art journal from when I was 19, some of it's fitting for valentines day


She's so delicate in love (and I do believe it's a beautiful thing)
such a gentle miracle that could shatter within seconds
(but she holds that miracle so carefully in the palm of her hands--
like it's the only thing worth protecting)
- July '16

She stands there on the balcony cascaded in sunlight
and I watch her watch the sky
she's as radiant as the glistening sun and I know she must be aware
-July '16

She buries herself in the wings of an angel and hopes to see heavens light
the lush softness of those feathers reflect a mirror image of her soul
the one that is so delicately tucked away inside her body
The angel is a very beautiful and terrifying thing
the angel radiates pure intent, she's not frightened
-Aug '16

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