If I die today
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2021-02-13 08:47:23 (UTC)

vanilla wine

well I had an allergy last night to some new wine that I choose for myself and was inspired to buy. It had vanilla in it and after I told nDea somehting is wrong my wouth itches he read the label and yep its vanilla but also says spices so we suspect cinnamin. It was just a moouth itch thou and maybe lip swelling .. but I olny had 2 sips.. We got our fair share of snow and well I'm considering shoveling after this coffee and hashbrowns but nDea is tryin to get here his place is out of water and well he didnt leave me till a sad 4am but I've been in touch texting and he's gonna do the work. IT's his job literally so this is not a personal favor. I wish i had better furniture he could just stay but he really need a good bed with his back and he claims to just be picky about beds. so tentaive plan is its about 20min till hashbrowns so vidoes and food then brace myself and take out my tiny emegerncy shovel and clear a trail toward the mailboxes so maybe an hour of work unless he gets here and deos it or a nieghbor is able to step it up. I havnt had much thought toward if I die today other than suggested causes. My fridge is full stuffed we made it to friday sale even on the icy roads he was still faithful and willing to take me even at my discourgment of driving in this weather so I'm pretty contentish my place is warm . I havnt had any quite time this morning and in no way held this day to the LORD but Id like to try to find out if truth unedited has a new video maybe in 20min with my food. After the shoveling Id want to try to take a bath a full bubble bath with the works oatmeal bath and acv. I need to rectify the vaccum situation somehow and sometime soon since well icemelt I've been tracking that in and out and while nDea was trying to prevent additional elederly people from falling last night althou he was here for me duty calls so the man was shoveling in and out before I got food on the table and well he had a loog day during the day as well then theres the human side and he had to feed his housemate to so he was a bit flustered in and out for that hour so screw it we know that icemelt would be tracked but we both said screw it. he lost his car keys out there also so was in out aout for that but it was mistake he accidently clsoed them in his trunk but while looking thre was in and out bc we didnt know they had made it in here or if we were gonna have to keep digging in the snow. Allrighty well I think thats all and then some that I would have to say if I die well this is . In other news the lady I'm not hating Ndea's housemate asked yesterday according him when he was coming back for dinner after he shoveled us (the property no me personally) out then went to get her food and dleivered it to her on his way back she asked where I live.. Interesting question althou I'm so not concerned but then again yea dont know whatcha dont know I olny know what he tells me. he tries sometime to show me his phone but seems useles.. Allright seriously this is just entertmainment not productive I'm offeventually I will have some hot hashbrowns ready then well a day ahead

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