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2021-02-13 14:50:14 (UTC)

Three days (without the internet)

I haven't written an entry for so long because the next day after my last entry, the internet went, and we couldn't get it back up and running. Don't ask me why, but I think it was somewhere along the lines of 'we couldn't pay'.
But have no fear! For I made a wordpad document on the laptop with everything that is written in this entry.

Wednesday the 10th
Nothing much really happened today, but, my God, I must tell you that the day went so slowly! Like, oh my God, slowly!
I woke up to my alarm, at 7:20AM. I went downstairs and had my breakfast. Just as I finished it, Mum started calling my name, and I went upstairs to see what she wanted. I made her jump, as she thought we ahd burglars, and that she was about to tell Mark to beat the s### out of them. But it was jsut me eating my breakfast, as I told her. I thought I was in trouble, but I wasn't.
After Mum went back to bed, I went to play on my arcade system (which I did, for like the first time in quite a while). I played 'Todd's Adventures in Slime World', which took me a bit of time to find as I thought it was just called 'Slime World'. I played one game of the game. There are not levels, but different types of ways to play the game, e.g. Easy (the easiest type), Logic (no weapons), Suspense (you have two minutes from the start to get out of the level, in which picking mushrooms will delay that timer by one minute), and Multiplayer (play with someone else, if you have a second controller in the console. I can, because my arcade system has two sets of controls). That is to just name a few, but there are a few more. There's about nine different ways to play the game in total (as far as I remember).
When my parents woke up, the day got slower than it already was at the time. I eventually, later on in the afternoon, pciked up the courage to write a couple furry stories (yes, at the same time) on this laptop. To prevent my parents from finding out this, I found my Micro SD card connected USB stick (which actually isn't mine, but I found a couple years ago), and put the wordpad documents of the stories on there. All my stories (and documents) will go on this particular Micro SD card, as I have multiple. The one I used was 16GB, which is plenty for so many documents in the future to come.
The day ended for me around 7PM, when Mum asked me to take my meds. But I didn't go to bed until around 9PM.

Thursday the 11th
I woke up around 8:23, and realised that I forgot to do my breakfast last night. When I heard Mum talking to Mark, I knocked on the door to ask if I could do some breakfast really quickly, and she said 'yes'. She also asked me if I could do her a couple [strawberry] jam sandwiches. I told her that there wasn't any bread, but I didn't use up all the money on my card. I went down the shops for her to get one loaf of bread. I also brought my camera to take photos while on the streets, as more snow came last night. I literally woke up and looked out of the window to once again to see snow on the road, completely covering it. If that happens, then you (or I) know that the snow will be here for another twenty-four hours at least. Its not a bad thing. I like the snow.
Anyway, once I got back home, with a loaf of bread, which cost £1.09 in NisaExtra, I made Mum two jam sandwiches (as best as I could. I am worse with Marmite).
At 11;02 I put on 'Prisoners Of Auschwitz', which is a movie adapto=ion to a boox called 'Collette'. I didn't see who the author was. The movie is actually rated 18 , but when I got it off eBay, I am pretty sure it said 15 . Oh well, this was the second time I watched the movie.
At 12:59 a person came to our door, I tried to wake Mum up but she didn't wake up. I opened to door, to find a young boy standing there. It was a different on to the other lad, and he asked the same thing last time a boy came to our door offering to shovel our driveway. Only this time I found out they were doing it for half a quid, which is 50p. I was surprised at how low hey were asking for, but I only have about 30p, so I turned down almost too politely. He left.
At 13:50 I asked Mum if I could make myself a jam sandwich, and she said 'yes', and also asked me to do another one for her. I did so.
Nothing really went on until 4:30PM, when Mum showed me a photo of John and Mum's dad and sister. I originslly asked for a cup of tea, and Mum showed me those photos. John is my Mum's ex-boyfriend (also my sisters' dad. Yes, they are my half-sisters). He doesn't look italian (as he is, and I don't mean that racially or rudely either); his brother did. In one photo of John he looked completely normal, almost a nice person. But he wasn't (as I am told). I will put it two words which represent my Mum and John: Violence and non-consensual. Of course, Mum consented when my sisters were born, but that was when (apparently) John was a nicer person. Now (apparently again) he isn't, and hasn't been for ages. He put my sister into foster care, telling them my Mum was dead. I won't put anymore about it. I shouldn't have done in the first place really.
My Mum's Dad looked nothing like how I imagined him. I really cannot explain his look (other than he had wrinkles), but I imagined him with a darker skin colour, black curly hair, and had a you-don't-want-to-mess-with-me look on his face. I also imagined him as being obvious that he was ill, because he is (once again, apparently).
My Mum's sister looks like one of my friends at school. Okay, I wouldn't actually call us 'friends' but we get along. Or we used to, or something like that.
Also, Mum said once that she and her sister looked very alike; to me, they don't! Just, they don't! Mum said 'thank you' to hearing that.
She also showed me a couple photos of Charlie and Frankie (my half-sisters, as I mentioned not long ago). They looked so different (well, apart from Charlie).
By the way, Mum doesn't get along with her Dad, John (pretty obviously), her sister or even Charlie. She still lets me speak to Charlie, but they don't talk. I won't say why.
I had a bath around 5:20PM, and had my dinnner of pasta and chicken with baked beans and sausages at 6PM. It waa leftover that wasn't given to the pets, as we don't have any pet food.
Friday, 12th February
I was at school on this day, as it was open. It was also the last day of the Autumn term. I have a week off. Apparently, as I was told, we come back as (the new) normal, and next week is being decided on whether some people should come back.
On this day at school, I did English, Maths (technically), and ASDAN.
English was basically KS2 work, and it was quite obvious so. It was spellings with silent letters, which is something you would've learnt in KS2.
Maths was basically maths games (boring and uninteresting to me). There is literally nothing else to say about Maths.
ASDAN was about what we eat at different times of the day. Pretty basic, but considering this is a topic for specially educated students its bound to be (no offence to specially educated people).
For cooking (after my foot tech Zoom meeting), me and Wayne made 'toad in the hole' and Mr. Crane and some other staff members had 'vegetable soup'. We made a lot of toad in the hole so both me and Wayne took some home. We also made heart-shaped valentine's cookies. We took those home aswell.
Before going home, Mr. Crane gave me a sainsbury's bag with food from the school fridge to take home with me. Once I got home, I put that stuff away, then went to my room and ate the toad in the hole (cold it was) and my six valentine's cookies. I had them all at once.
For dinner I had beans on toast, using two pieces of bread (as I would sometimes sneak three or even four pieces of bread on there). I went to bed around 8PM.
Saturday, 13th February
I was woken up at exactly 4:26AM from a cat meowing outside my bedroom door. I let it go on for a few minutes (about ten), but ten Mum woke up and she asked me to let the cat out. It was Max (as we have two cats, and a dog). Afterwards, I fell back asleep.
I had a dream, that I was playing a just dance game, dancing against the world to a song called 'Hell Yeah'. I didn't see who the singer was. It is a real song, and it is really called 'Hell Yeah'. It is a rock or metal song, and I know of the song when my dad showed me the song when I was about eight, nine or ten years old. I haven't heard that song in about five or six years! And it came back to me in a dream.
When I woke up around 8:30AM, I found out I had dirrhoea as I went to the loo. I still had my breakfast okay. I was still okay, I just had dirrhoea. Nothing else.
My parents woke up around half-past ten, because Mark needed to find a pharmacy or something, because we found out yesterday that he gets his Covid-19 jab today.

And now the internet is back up and running! Thank god! But there you go, my entry for three days!