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2021-02-13 01:34:26 (UTC)

I'm so wasted 😱

So.... we went wine tasting tonight and of course, continued on after. Went to a friend's house and partied even more. Ugh..... My "e' key is acting up again so yeah...that sucks. Anyway, we had fun and drank buku bottles of wine. Don't remember what we drank but it involved port and red bottles of some nature. Great fricking night. Heidi and my peeps were there. I can barely see straight right now. And that fricking "e" key on my keyboard is acting up again. Gonna order a usb keyboard to keep me from getting too pissed off for now. hehe.

Had a lot of fun tonight. Can't remember it all at the moment so we'll have tp review tonight's fun events in the morning. All I know was that I was somewhat of a good boy. Didn't do any nasty thing with anyone nor any living creatures if that means anything. hehe.

Overall, we drank we talked, we love. I'm just so glad that the sofa is 6 feet away from me right now and I can pass out on it without too much of an effort.