This Is It - 2021
2021-02-12 00:00:00 (UTC)

Drafts and Deadlines


I always feel so accomplished when I finished up a video. I guess it's nice to put work into something that I can show off to others after. And then I get to continue a conversation of sorts if people engage with it. And I had like...physical (kind of) evidence that I DID something. Part of the reason I'm so drawn to a quick vid app like TikTok, I think. Not quite the full satisfaction of a longer video, but a nice sort of speed-run version of it.

I also did all of my assignments due today on time which may not seem like a celebration-worthy thing but I got caught up and kind of fell behind on doing that a bit. But I'm trying to get back on! Just got to focus one day at a time.

(Unrelated to any of that but I feel so bad because my turtle was basking and doing her adorable little superman pose but I had to turn her light off when I went to bed... She only really likes to bask at night, so I was leaving her light on for her because she needs it, but my mom said she needs to know night and day. And now I feel turtle guilt for making her go to turtle bed)

I hope she has good turtle dreams

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