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2021-02-12 17:30:35 (UTC)

Play time 🤪

Another week that gone by so quickly. It was Monday just not so long ago and now work is over and it's time to play. Got invited to go to a winery tonight. It's a kinda expensive winery if I recall but's a winery so yeah, I'm going. Starts at 7PM. Weird time so it must be a special event. Whatever the reason, I'm in.

My laptop is acting up a little. The "e" key isn't working so good. Going to try to blast it with my air compressor and see how it goes. If In need to replace my keyboard, I'm going to have it don by someone professional. I know I won't have th patience to do it. Tedious work so I'll just pay someone if needed. Hope the air compressor works.