Chinmoy Das

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2021-02-12 21:23:39 (UTC)

Night shift | Day 10

Dear Diary,

It's Valentine's week. TGIF to be honest and the nights are just passing like that. I think I am liking the night shift hours. Full and focused at work and during the afternoon or evening, spending time with family.
Also, I am following a daily routine: 22:30 - 07:30 Work timings
22:30-04:30 Work
04:30-06:30 PS4
06:30-07:30 Work

07:30-12:30 Sleep
12:30-18:00 Relax/Freetime
18:00-19:00 PS4
19:00-21:45 Sleep
21:45:22:20 Dinner


Crazy right! Maybe I am missing the daylight! Maybe I am ruining my sleep cycle! Maybe I am experiencing the dark night! Maybe I am enjoying the schedule!