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2021-02-12 11:33:41 (UTC)

boutto sleep

I went to the mall, and god damn mask for making half of the population more attractive, I really wish the virus would go away soon, so I can stalk guys in real life. nah nah just rate them for reference. mask do make u hotter so why not wear it? but fuck not a good time to appreciate aesthetics.
UMMMM so I went to the mall for the first time in almost a year. I was with my aunt, she's kinda the dictator rather than a equal so I just let her do all the work and I just follow, I'm like a dog obeying her every orders, I don't hate it, I get sidetrack all the time looking for aesthetics. So we went to buy a piano and mr. keyboard man is so cute, we went to 3 stores the other 2 was like meh they really don't know what they are doing and then when I met him I was like ok let's buy the most expensive keyboard here. SOOOO he was talking to my aunt bout this ones good and that ones good and blahblahblah then I said no that ones better(the more expensive one) so then my aunt gotta call my grandmother to get her seal of approval. She went outside to hab more internet connection so it was just only us two. fuck social distancing been awhile since i've ever gotten close to a guy, he was just playing some keyboard and then I mastered up my courage and talked to him, it was hella awkward and i've got no fookin game. and the sad part, I haven't gotten his name. My aunt was there so I was in a different character okay. ANNNNDDD was boutto meet him again ALMOSt then wat dafok the circumstances is all fucked up. we're not meant to meet again. so mr. keyboard man byebye. i'll sneak in and go out again sometime soon. it do be nice going outside and observing humans. I wanna talk more but i'm pretty tired. I jsut dont wanna forget my first irl talk with a guy during the pandemic.