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2021-02-12 05:47:51 (UTC)


What a complicated date site in my opinion.
Was being walked through things.
Just re downloaded it 2 days ago because I just didn’t understand it.
I can’t believe the things I seen on there. Just amazes me how carefree they are about showing things. I can honestly say, since my early 20s, only 4 people have seen me in and outa my birthday outfit. I don’t understand how or why people do videos and such.
I don’t even do video with my doctors.....let alone strangers.
I don’t get the need for that attention. But, I’m content as i am I guess. I mean, I seen some women in things that, I mean, wow, I don’t how or why....other than attention. Seen some men too pop up and the user names were a dead giveaway. Guess I don’t understand the need for video. In the past 25 years, I did video with only 2 people. One I talked to daily, over 8 hours a day, and video was a big nervous step at first, but, always kept it clean. Guess I’m old school?

Anyway, was surprised to get the morning message, and the call when you wake message. Guess I’m in that doubt stage? Disbelief? Not sure the better word, not a cop out thing to say, just having a brain fog for terminology right now. I’m completely f’in exhausted. And my body can’t be touched today. I tried to touch below the base of my neck this morning, and it felt like I had been beat. Extreme pain. A couple parts are like that this morning. Weather related.

I didn’t even make fresh coffee this morning. Sad.

I do, however, am going to pull my hair up, wash my face, grab a shower, grab coffee, and will be back later

Got coffee made, laundry folded.
Ever been so exhausted, you cry?
I’m there.