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2021-02-11 22:08:24 (UTC)

I miss him so much i don’t ..

I miss him so much i don’t think i can keep doing this. i feel like giving up... it’s been 2 weeks since we last talked I know you left me but I can’t accept it jealousy is an ugly emotion but so am i I’m so tired of having to ask for your attention i will never be prioritised you were the one person on god's green earth who made me feel like i was worthy of love, and took that feeling with you when you left i wish i could feel like i mattered to someone will i ever be more than a tool? i don’t understand? ive followed everything that you said, did everything you wanted. what went wrong? what did i do? can I fix it? what can i do to make it right? at first i had all of you and now none of you you deserve the world and if it takes sacrificing my place by your side to see you happy, i’ll do it im sorry if i wronged you. im sorry if i took the role of a villain in your life. i wish i could make up for it but i know i can’t. just know that im sorry and that i wish the best for the life ahead of you i still love you. but you hurt me so bad and i haven’t felt connected to you or anyone since. was it fun to break me? if i had asked, would you have stayed with me? I have so many questions that are left unanswered I keep getting crushed maybe you’d answer them.. the world is going too fast and my mind is spinning around and around and around and i can’t ever seem to keep up

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