taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2021-02-12 01:25:59 (UTC)


it me, angery boi.

look at the big angry boy. getting mad at the state of things. getting madder at minor inconveniences. people; friends, strangers, (((currently playing: i'm about to crack - the methadones))). yeah. there is no shortage of distemper to go around.

anger 4 me manifests in passive aggressive annoying bullshit and/or total withdrawal and directing it inward. and being hardest on the ppl in my tightest orbit BECAUSE what gives them the right?? to keep trying to include me in their lives. fuck y'all. read the tea leaves.

but if/when they leave I'll be angry and sad at them 4ever.

*sparks up weed vape*

it's the circle of fucking life man.

weed helps. helps soften the rigid and frigid exterior. but it's fleeting and prone to inducing anxiety. so.

i left a trail of assholery in my wake today(/the last infinity days) and am not feeling great about it. this is not in keeping my absurdist learnings and should probably be reined in a bit. consider this me tossing out healing and remorseful vibes out into the universe.

but also, don't fuck with me.

please. if you don't mind.