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2021-02-11 20:30:39 (UTC)

2 1/2 hours 128$

Just completely sad the way they funk someone over.

Sheldon got his done, was 22$.
So I’m maxed on my credit card, but needed it done for my own sanity. I feel 1/2 better. Would be 80% but couldn’t get my nails and feet done.

The rest was mine. Bleaching was to be 56$ however, she had to use toner 3 times because she didn’t mix it or leave it on long enough or something.

I absolutely love the silver color. Not blonde but a silver tone. I absolutely love it. Just have to re add the two shades of pink hair dye. Didn’t realize she was going to bleach it twice.
I did not cut the sides or back like I wanted. It’s ok.

I know I enjoyed seeing something on someone but others said to get rid of it, so it got gone.
It’s cool. I’m going to keep it this way till my next cut, then shave it more than likely. Unless my linecrossers tell me not to but think most I know love me not for my hair. I could shave it military style and still rock the f’in hell outa it!

The drive home was almost dangerous enough to end our lives. I couldn’t see at all. Almost went head on into a metal railing while the snow was coming down and roads were slick and yucky.
My boy yelled at me because I couldn’t see so I swirved just in time to miss it and he would navigate where the exit was.

So thankful for my boy. I woulda flipped the truck. It was on an overpass bridge, so it wouldn’t have been a pretty site.

But, I’m home.

Laundry in the dryer.
Kickin my own ass for spending that but was already committed. Can’t back out once the job is done. I will call the head office tomorrow and let them know it cost more than I was told, so it’s the dressers issue, not mine. She’s been doing my hair for over 4 years, she should know what it takes. I will get a free cut or two outa it, I will make sure.

I ate a fish sammach for dinner. And a small glass of coke, something I never drink.

I’m completely exhausted.
Will grab my medications soon and relax tonight.
Roads will be getting worse, and I don’t need to bug or bother people while out in this crap.
So will sleep or work on some housework.

I needed to grab some stuff while I was out, but with that cost, the snow, pitch dark, we headed home. My son wasn’t happy, he really wanted to go to Walmart. I said next week possibly.

If things woulda been different, I woulda just made my weekend trip tonight.....

My Barbie has her jinx home. He had bit off his little pencil, and I guess was doing it again when they got him home. She went to my vet, and only cost her 24$ for a 4 day stay. My vet loves me and I send them business and they know I take strays and give them homes after I get them checked and fixed, so, with her being my daughter, she got a deal. I will send them a thank you card.

Will figure out the bank tomorrow. Stress it then.
Till then,
Going to enjoy the hell outa my color, cut, and add more pink tomorrow. Going to get laundry switched over, grind up some coffee beans for in the morning and relax.