La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2021-02-11 19:41:59 (UTC)

Can't help being in a good mood

While most people at this moment have search in google or elsewhere the top 10 things to do to learn how to relax in a stresful day, my favorites are by far the few next ones...I truly enjoy listening to music while not worring about anything else in that moment the funny thing is when I start dancing and my doughter gives me that strange look as of what are you doing and why? love to see her puzzled by my behavior it just makes it that much more fun to do. But when the stress is to much to handle all choose a hot shower with relaxing music in the back. It is so important to disconnect from our work routine or even daily routine. I've notice that when I get anxious all start eating nonstop and this will end up with me having a super high blood sugar, so I choose to manage my anxiety instead in healthier ways such as drinking essencial oils or writting. Drinking a lot of watter helps also, specialy carbonated water with lemon. For some odd reason it always takes away my cravings.
Any how today is been a chill day other than regular chores and homework with my baby girl, I been organizing my desk area, and reading papers to keep and not to keep. still in the process of decluttering. Is good to be in a good mood when I do this other wise all end up thowing away things that matter. LOL.