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2021-02-11 11:56:28 (UTC)

❄️ snowed ❄️ in ❄️

Snowed in

Reading poetry on the couch

Sipping a hot cup of tea
With lemon

Dozing off to sleep

Suddenly i feel
A warm
Tingling sensation
On my nipples

Rubbing in a circular motion
My areolas start to grow
Sending oxytocin to my brain
Alerting my finger
To descend to my now throbbing clitoris

As i find my way
Down my body

Temperature elevating

To my surprise
My hand finds your head
As i was searching for my
dripping wet
Aching to be satiated Quim

Suddenly i feel your arms
Under my legs
Pulling me closer
As you dine on my deliciousness

As You lick
I twitch
Then i relax and enjoy
Every movement of your tongue
I ride the wave
Deeper and deeper
As i grab your head
You caress my breast
As i hold on for dear life
Until I...


A wave of passion
Satisfying satisfaction
Runs down my legs as i tremble

I realize im all alone

I open my eyes
To see it was all a dream


That i now need to clean my couch