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2021-02-11 14:49:58 (UTC)

Not feeling my birthday month

A year ago almost to the date, all this corona virus began. Is crazy how much has hapend since then, most families that I know here in town have lost a loved one to this virus. And I lost my father in law, a few aunts and uncles and my brother. I was able to have a normal birthday last year, even some of my guest from last year very close friends to our family are in the hospital fighting for their lives. And truly it is heart breaking.
So if you ask me how will I celebrate my birthday, I'll I want to do is get drunk and sing kareoke. I have no idea if I'll even celebrate. But even though I have much to celebrate as much as I have to be broken down, I'm not by the way thank goodness. I will try my best to do something worth remembering that day. Mean while all keep on working and taking care of my family to be prepared for that day.
A fun memory I have from my birthday if when I was in school back in elementry and middle school the principal was my fmailies dear friend, so he would always take advantage to have the entire school sing me happy birthday, it was so embarrasing I would always tell my mom I didn't want to go to school on my birthday but since is a festive day here in Mexico I had to.

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