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2021-02-11 09:35:43 (UTC)

Relentless ❤️ Heart

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A familiar feeling is back
Discordantly brewing inside me
Eating at my restless heart
Words seem to lose their meaning
Between what was said and unsaid
Silence is a better way to hide what I feel inside
It's easy to fall into this darkness
And just shut myself in as I crawl back into my shell
My mind is tired from thinking and understanding
These feelings raging in the ocean of my heart
The sadness that slowly eclipse the well of my happiness
Is gripping my soul like sharp talons
Ripping my heart into shreds
The pain is coming back when I thought it was healed by time
I feel so lost and vulnerable
Why can't happiness stay longer?
Why can't the heart not easily forget?
Why do memories haunt me in my sleepless nights?
I wonder why these feelings surface every now and then
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