Do Not Disturb

2021-02-11 03:43:24 (UTC)

I Have Questions

When someone is active on messenger.... Does it mean their active on messenger. Because my boyfriend claims that he doesn't be active on messenger but the green dot shows that he's active and I even called him about 3 times and he didn't answer but it showed that he was active but if, I confront to him about it he gets mad and he gets mad easily.

I don't know what to do. This other guy asked to take me out but I told him that I'm with someone and talking to someone but he acting funny. Well, he never showed me off or anything on social media yet and as far as I'm concerned is that guys love showing off their girlfriends. Maybe not all the time. Even if their not "all up in their business". At least that's what I heard from this guy on TikTok I think its just because he doesn't want anyone to know that we're together at all like I'm his little secret and I'm not. I'm more than that. I like it when a guy shows me off on social media and saying how beautiful and sexy I am and how great od a personality I got . He doesn't have to show me off all the time but still.

And he's always on his game which I hate because he be locked in all day and not pay attention to any of my texts but claims that he still wants to see me Saturday.

This security guy I guess flirted with me while we were entering the casino. He's tall as fuck and has curly hair and light skin of coarse. They always have to check my ID because they apparently don't believe that I'm 22 years old because I look 17. Honestly. And this is every time I go in their. So I know every time so I have it prepared.


He probably talking to someone so I wouldn't even bother because I am to and I don't even know if Saturday will be the only time we'll ever see each other and if, he breaks up with me I wouldn't be shocked because it has happened to me before. I wouldn't be shocked just hurt.

I never have a guy show me off or calls me beautiful or sexy. He says he wants to wait until we're in person ti take pictures of me and post it ect... Hut you don't even have to wait that long for it. Their are ways you can save my pictures and show off how beautiful I am or look. I have bad luck when it comes to dating the wrong guys and liking the wrong guys because I'll never know if, their ever is a right guy. Even if, God has that special someone waiting out their for me. Well, where is that special someone ? I'm tired of waiting.

- A

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