Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2021-02-10 19:36:14 (UTC)

The Marshmallow

Imagine a rancid marshmallow, you seen the marshmallow and people say it is the worst marshmallow ever. In fact, people were traumatized by this flavor of marshmallow. People who tried this marshmallow before were forced to eat it. They had to swallow that marshmallow. But aren’t marshmallows sweet and fluffy? Why do people hate it? Doesn’t it make you curious as to how this marshmallow taste? Don’t you kinda want to try it now that you are so morbidly curious? But you better not say you want to try it! Because everyone will tell you, you are insane and mentally disabled if you want it. Because everyone says you need help if you want to try this flavor of marshmallow. Most people who tell you it’s horrible haven’t even tasted it before, they just seen others try it, or maybe heard stories, and now they fully believe it’s the most immoral thing to ever make. This flavor of marshmallow is simply that bad. Tell me, you want to try this marshmallow? Perhaps you think “FUCK NO! Not if it causes trauma!!” Which is a completely fair answer, truly. But some of us are morbidly curious as to how this taste. I want to try it, you want to try it?

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