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2021-02-10 03:55:13 (UTC)

So I've been feeling ..

So I've been feeling stronger lately. I think it's because I gained some weight so my body actually has some fuel to build some tiny bit of muscle. Even my SpongeBob arms are starting to look not bad. hehe When I was strict and kept my weight at 155 lbs, I wasn't building as much muscle but I was slimmer and quick. But now that I'm gaining weight, I may have enough in me now to build some muscle. I dunno. Maybe anyway. Maybe I'm just trying to make myself feel better because I gained some weight. Pfffft!!

Work was so busy, I had to drive to work to do something at the office. From there, I hit the gym. Gym was brutal. Cardio cardio cardio with AMRAPs again. We also did suicides which we haven't done in awhile since Covid came along. Suicides are running to a cone then going back to starting position. Then running to a further cone and coming back and so on and so on. Then we did squats with wall ball tosses. So that's squatting with a ball between 10-20 lbs. I grabbed the 12 lb. So you squat with the ball and on the way up, you toss the ball overhead. When it comes back down, you supposed to catch the ball and smoothly go back down to your squat. Then there were jumping jacks with the wall ball. We held the ball near our chest. Then as we do jumping jacks, we lift the ball over our heads. Then back down when our legs were together and up again when legs apart. So that was a good burn for sure. Lots of others but those were the worse.

My curly haired friend nicknamed "fake newbie" was there and picked a spot next to me again. I can see on the side of my eye that she too was struggling. So that was a sure sign that today's workout was brutal. We of course survived. After class, curly haired lady (Erica) called me over and we chatted for awhile. She said she was getting dizzy during some of the workouts. I didn't want to tell her I wanted to pass out on some of the workouts. hehe. But we socialized for a bit. We're both gonna see each other again on the Saturday morning class.

After that, I just couldn't leave work alone and went back to work to finish something. I thought it wouldn't take too long but I was there till 8PM. Finally figured it out. It was something I never did before so I had some issues but I managed to finish it. When I'm done, it feels good to have been able to take care of it. I did it for me because I just wanted to finish it.

Now I'm just chatting with a newer online friend. This friend has gone thru a lot and it's nice to see they now are on a better path in life or at least is aiming to get there. Still gonna be tough because that's how life is. But it'll be exciting and worth it.

Arms, shoulders, calves, ankles, and butt hurts from all the workouts. I'm gonna feel it in the morning. But I know in the long run, it'll pay off so I do what I do for that. It's so late. Almost 3AM. Need to be up and ready to work by 8AM. Ugh... Still, a happy day. A productive day. A good workout day. Can't complain about that. Oh, I wanted to talk about something I feel I achieved. Kinda big at least in my head but I'll post about it another time.