This Is It - 2021
2021-02-09 00:00:00 (UTC)

Pocket Full of Rainclouds


Didn't do as much of the vacuuming/carpet work I wanted to get done, done because well, 1. The weather was TERRIBLE outside all day long, and when the storm is close enough for thunder to rattle the walls, I worry about plugging any major electronics in. and 2. I was focused on other obligations I had postponed for too long. Like signing a lease! And completing classwork. And buying a Happy Meal from McDonald's only to be super disappointed when I didn't get the Pokémon cards/toy that was supposed to start being available today. (Apparently people are mass buying stores out so they can artificially inflate the price online which - while not new - seems like a bit of work to put in for products that McDonald's can just...print more of). Breaks my heart. I just wanted a couple more little monsters to add to my collection

Signing for my apartment was really weird this time. I mean, I've lived there for the past year and a half, so it's not a new place or anything, but it was strange approaching this signing knowing it was the last one I have. Not EVER, of course, just for this specific place. While my place isn't on campus or anything, it's still technically "student housing," and I won't be a student following the end of the Spring 2022 semester. (Even typing that year out feels super weird) I'll have to get a real grown-up apartment. I won't be a student anymore, in any capacity. I'll just be. Another adult. I'm feeling weird and existential and sentimental again - like my earlier entries. Glad to see all small steps in life are bringing me back to them good 'ole days (Three weeks ago)

When will my pocket monsters return from the Capitalism...

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