Do Not Disturb

2021-02-09 05:22:24 (UTC)

Look At God

My check came in the mail today and I was so happy because I was able to get my phone back on today and I did so I won't be so bored while I'm at work an on my 30 minute break. Bought sone stuff from Wal Mart. I bought my boyfriend this Valentine's Day card and his favorite candy which is sour patch and the card is so freaking adorable and the saying is so cute I just had to get it. I wouldn't want to not get it.

Then, we went to the casino and now I only have like 6 dollars in my name but I get paid on the 19 which is a full check and I get paid $9 an hour which is way more than what my last job had gave me. But it should be on my card next time that I still have to update.

But I get paid on the 19 so I should have a full check so that's fine by me and at least I have my phone back on thank goodness but next time I'm gonna get a new phone with a new service and everything because I cracked this one.

I also haven't been writing much because I really haven't had anything to say and plus I'm working now and I be tired after work so I go home and fall asleep because I wake up at 10 in the morning until 3 and I' m not a morning person at all.

Anyways, yea that's what I've been doing. Working and staying safe from this corona.

- A

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