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2026-10-10 01:59:00 (UTC)

Team Dodgers: Roster: 2021 Year:

10 Rounds Each:
Switch Sides of the baseball field. If it's 34 each player. Needs to be design hitter for the each batter up. Then it moves for the 1, 2, 3. If the batter does not get the 1, 2, 3, take a break and you're out!
Catchers: (2 People)
Linette Segura
Victor Lopez (He joined as a catcher, but he left the diamondbacks player)
2nd Basers: (3 people)
Paulina F
3rd Basers: ( 1 People)
Evelyn Black
1st Basers: (2 First Basers)
Bella Q
Andrea Reza
Short Stoppers: (1 People)
Camila Redona
Left Fielders: (2 People)
Rolando Redona
Ashley Biegel
Center Fielders: (2 people)
Kimberly Estrada
Danielle "Elle" Romo
Right Fielders: (2 People):
Karina A
Jordan A
Right Pitchers: (at least for each people for the team): (10 Right Pitchers)
Beverly Andrea Gonzalez (1)
Ashley Benitez (2)
Bella Santin (3)
Erik F (4)
Robby E (5)
Danny M (6)
Inez A (7)
Valery N (8)
Cassie N (9)
Karina P (10)
Short Pitchers: (14 Short Pitchers)
Paola O. (1)
Naomi F (2)
Alyssa Sanchez (3)
Brenda Lopez (4)
Brandon Reyes (5)
Dana K Rodriguez (6)
Klarisse C (7)
Carolina C (8)
Ale C (9)
Aletse F (10)
Jazlyn F (11)
Mica May C (12)
Shelby A (13)
Robby L (14)
DH: (1 Hitter)
Alexa Ruvacalba
Not Playing: (see the diary entry)