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2028-04-10 19:51:00 (UTC)

Super Bowl 2021: Drama Moments:

Advisor - JM Yosures - TNT Grand Winner Season 4
Quarter 1:
0:37: Camila breaks down for the Score of the buccaneers:
Announcer: Touchdown for the Buccaneers, Camila just needed to step back. Then Orlando takes the lead of the football in Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback.
Vinalyn: Good try Camila Redona.
Quarter 2:
Quarter 3:
At the end of the Quarter 4:
Alex and Camila are arguing about the winning team:
JM: Great job everyone! Bring the chiefs for the win next time. Everyone get a picture.
(All Chiefs Players are getting the picture, and Camila gets mad)
Alex: I won first! Woo!
Camila: What the hell do you want? Do you wanna cheat with us?
Alex: Excuse me I won first.
Vinalyn: Camila And Alex! That's enough for the arguing!
Rolando: Vina just let it be to watch.
Vinalyn: Sorry Rolando, I didn't meant to.
Rolando: That's okay. (drinks gatorade)
Ximena D: What's going on with Camila?
Vinalyn: Ximena, just get a picture, and we talk it about later at the locker room okay?
Ximena: Okay thank you.
JM: Camila Redona and Alex! That's enough! Alex go to your advisor please.
(Alex: Camila, you are the worst quarterback!)
Camila: Fuck you too Alex! I won first bitch!

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