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2021-02-09 13:00:00 (UTC)

Back Home

Made it to the hospital by 841am......And I’m home finally.

Dr. R had everything arranged by the time I got there. That helped things go faster than usual. No waiting to get checked in, did everything over the phone with 3 way calling while I was driving, Verbally signed everything and just let them know as soon as I got there and they took me right back to start things going.

They were concerned I may have ruptured something when I fell on the ice. So they ended up taking 6 vials of blood, a urine sample, the other sample, did an upper GI (1 hr 23 minutes) and a lower GI (38 minutes), a CT Scan (39 minutes)(shit left a metallic taste that made me wanna puke), an X-ray, and an insulin shot (sugar level was 268).....not in that order.....also gave me medications to stop some of the symptoms after their testing...
Was confirmed a mild concussion. All I know so far other than, the fast urine test found, blood, white blood cells, bacteria, protein, sugar, bilirubin, and a high ph balance. They are sending it for deeper testing. No clue what all that means till the doctor calls me. Only wanted to talk to Dr. R, not 7 different ER doctors.
Will get a call once all the doctors discuss everything.
The X-ray show nothing broken, cracked, etc.

I wasn’t wanting to wait till all the results came back, woulda been there all day, despite their request for me to stay....so explained I have a kid at home by himself to just call me....I am only 28 minutes away and would go by emergency services if absolutely critical to do so, they called Dr. R and he said it was ok as long as I agree to go back in if need be.....right away. I said yes I would.

I’m not sure what’s going on, but been extremely sick all morning, and it’s not been pretty. Didn’t get a chance to call anyone (grasshopper had a call come in and I assumed he was still on his call or he ended up taking a nap, so just called my doctor and went straight in. Would fill everyone in when I got home, and that’s what I’m doing now. Sorry if anyone’s upset. I did what I thought was best, given people have lives and get busy. Grasshopper on a call last I heard, or napping, DD3 dealing with family emergency issues.....

They did give me 3 new medications, to try and help the symptoms going on. I know I’m tired as all hell so am going to lay down and rest. I Did tell them they could leave a detailed message on my voicemail if I’m sleeping and don’t answer.

I didn’t eat anything but toast last night, so not sure what happened. Had my usual coffee this morning, and by the second cup realized something was seriously wrong.

I’m going to take my medications and lay down. I’m seriously drained and my body is very sore right now, feeling completely exhausted.

Will update later when I get news and am feeling better.